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About UPOU

Please visit the UPOU website at http://www.upou.edu.ph .
For admission inquiries kindly contact admissions@upou.edu.ph .

UPOU Students


*Calling the attention of Mr. Leander Mogol. We have resent your log-in credentials via http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/ last Sept. 14. And we resent it again in reply to another ticket on Sept. 27, 2015. Please review your ticket at http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/ by using the ticket number and email that you used.

*Students who have withdrawn their registration/enrolment and those with change of matriculation-cancellation or addition of courses, please report the changes to http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/

*Classlists had been hidden, only your course sites will appear in you MyCourses list.

*Students enrolled in ENRM 290 Special Problem who have no access to the URM (Upland track) or CRM (Coastal track) section course sites please report your track to http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/ because the list of enrolled users from the registrar's office lacks your major, and FMDS have not sent us the section information yet.

*We have reported the following course site that is still hidden as of Sept. 15, 2015, 4:23 PM PHT to the respective faculty office that is offering them for appropriate action. Please follow-up its status with the faculty office:

N-219.3 FS 2015-16 - still hidden, offered by the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS)

*To students who had not received their MyPortal log-in credentials in their inbox or even spam box please provide the following information set at http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/ . DON'T try to use your SAIS username and password in MyPortal, it will just give you invalid username and password. MyPortal usernames and passwords are different.

  1. subject: "Request for MyPortal log-in credentials" (or for continuing students, "Request for MyPortal password reset")
  2. full name
  3. student number
  4. registered email address (if you are using @yahoo.com check if it is yahoo.com.ph or some other yahoo country instead)
  5. a description of the problem(s) you are encountering with MyPortal
  6. list of courses enrolled in

Please note that we DO NOT administer or provide technical support to SAIS, we can only help you with MyPortal.

*Some students had been repeatedly asking for their log-in credentials even after we have already replied to them. These students use a @yahoo.com email and it is bouncing. PLEASE RECHECK THE EMAIL YOU USE IN THE TICKETING SYSTEM IF IT IS INDEED @YAHOO.COM OR @YAHOO.COM.PH . You can also go to the ticketing system and review your ticket by using the ticket number and email that you used.

*Please check your Spam box if the email with the log-in credentials had arrived there instead of the Inbox. Also check your other email addresses.

Online course sites can be accessed through UPOU MyPortal (http://myportal.upou.edu.ph).

For new students, you will receive your MyPortal login credentials within two weeks after the last day of enrollment. Your login credentials will be emailed to the address you used during the registration. Please check the spam folder if you do not find it in the inbox.

Continuing students with MyPortal account created after April 1, 2012 may continue to use the same account to access the course sites.

Your course site(s) will be accessible during the first week of the class. Please be aware that some "hidden" course sites are sending out email announcements. When you click on the link to those course sites you will still not be able to access the site. There is no error, just please wait for the course site to open in the first week of classes.

First Semester AY 2015-2016 - August 29 to September 5, 2015
First Trimester AY 2015-2016 - September 5 to September 12, 2015

For assistance in accessing your course site or if you have questions about MyPortal, you may report the matter through the support ticketing system at http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/.

To facilitate assistance please provide your:

  1. full name
  2. student number
  3. registered email address
  4. a description of the problem(s) you are encountering with MyPortal
  5. list of courses enrolled in

Check your email regularly. Related announcements are also posted at the login page of MyPortal.

Contact Us

For assistance regarding course sites (UPOU Myportal), please go to: http://myportalsupport.upou.edu.ph/
For assistance regarding registration (SAIS), please email upousais@gmail.com.
For assistance regarding registration (Student Portal), please email registration@upou.edu.ph.
For assistance regarding UPOU email accounts, please email miso@upou.edu.ph.
Thank you very much.

Access to Course Sites

First Semester, AY 2015-16

  • August 8-19, 2015: Registration period for the First Semester, AY 2014-15. (All graduate programs except GCDE, MDE & PTC). Please visit http://our.upou.edu.ph/student/.
  • August 29-September 5, 2015 - Start of classes

1st Trimester, AY 2015-16

  • August 10-22, 2015: Registration period for the 1st Trimester, AY 2014-15. (AA, BAMS, BES, GCDE, MDE, and PTC). Please visit http://our.upou.edu.ph/student/.
  • September 5-12, 2015 - Start of classes

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